When I’m 30 I….

When I was younger, I thought that by the time I reached my 30ies I would speak perfect English, have a great job, live abroad, own a pretty flat with lots of plants, have a cat, a very cute bicycle, have met the man of my life and have made a baby with him.

Quite a list, though nothing too pretentious like being a movie star or owning a villa by the sea or having traveled in all countries in the world. Yet, I am a little far from a few points. Here is the actual list at 30ish (i.e. just a little after the big 3 at the moment I am writing):

– I do not speak perfect English, although I am not too bad as a foreigner and I have realized perfection in the world of languages is a relative concept.
– I think I do have a great job. I may not have done all I wanted but I’m quite proud of what I have done.
– I have lived in a few countries and visited more. I currently live abroad, which makes things quite interesting!
– I do not own a flat. And I am very far from it, given the crisis and me not having a permanent job now or anytime soon. On top of it I live in a crappy apartment and with a long commute to work. But honestly it is not that a big deal after all.
– I don’t have a cat. I still wish I had one but I don’t want to get a cat if I’m hardly ever at home due to long working days. So no cats for now. 😦
– I just got an old bicycle from a friend and it’s just great!
– I am married to someone I love and although he can be a bit of a pain, I feel lucky to have him as my life companion.
– We do not have a baby. Nor are we close to have one. We are unfortunately in the unlucky 15% of the European population with fertility issues. Despite a few shots at medically assisted procreation, we have not had much luck so far. And, if you’re about to ask “why don’t you just adopt?”, well that’s turned out to be quite challenging too.

So, this blog is mostly going to talk about how I am trying to achieve this last objective: become a mum!

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