Bad days

The problem with bad days is that they usually start for one little silly thing, but then everything ends up being bad. For example:
– I don’t know what to wear
– I am completely disorganized
– I have no time for anything
– I look awful
– I have no credibility at work
– At my age I’m still nobody in my workplace
– I have achieved nothing
– I am a complete failure and my life sucks!

When it comes to reproductive issues, things are about the same except they can get even worse and shake every single little or big thing you have:
– I have given-up research so I could have a family, and now I have no career and no babies
– I got married so I could have a family, but now I can’t have babies so it doesn’t make sense anymore
– I went to live abroad so I could have a family, instead to stay where I was and now I still don’t have a family
– etc

The problem is that when a bad day starts because of a hole in your tights you can always find the time to go buy a stock of new ones and make your day better. But there’s not much you can do if mother nature is against your plans. Not much other than sitting down, breathing, digesting whatever reason caused the panic, and moving on to the next day.

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