Did we know it was going to be hard…?

When did I start worrying about having problems conceiving? Lately I have been giving it some thought and I realize it’s been a really long time. Since I was in high school, I had problems with my period and I have been worried about finding out why. I also have thyroid  problems, so I remember going through many tests to check whether my lazy thyroid was the cause of my irregular periods. But it took about 10 years, several gynecologists, tons of tears, a wedding and being told many times ” you just need to relax” before I found out I had PCOS and that was the reason for my messy (now completely absent) periods.

Recently, my husband and I have been asked whether we knew we would have problems conceiving before getting married. We looked at each other not really knowing what to say. The answer is both yes and no. No because we only did all the testing and finding out of actual medical conditions after getting married. But yes, because we both knew about my absent periods and of course it was worrying us.

The implicit question is, why did he still marry me? I guess that’s a question for him and not for me. But then, I didn’t think for a minute about leaving him after we found out of his problems. In any case, I’m very happy neither of us has escaped. Since, if we have to be childless, at least we can do this together.

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