Marriage doesn’t count

Today I went to a really nice conference: interesting people, good atmosphere, etc. I was with a girlfriend and an ex colleague and he started saying that getting married didn’t mean anything, and that what really matters is having children together.
I didn’t even feel angry. I was just jealous. Jealous of someone who has everything in life: a wife, 2 beautiful children and a great job. And whose knowledge of sufferance – at least with fertility related issues – is so nonexistent that he think he can judge my life like this, in a few words, without even thinking of the possibility that there are people who cannot have children and suffer because of it.
We should have reached the age in which we think before judging and accept differences and problems. How is it that the union between two people who cannot or do not have children is less valuable? I strongly believe that the union between two people is extremely valuable with or without children. These 2 years of struggle to make children have brought me nothing good except for getting me closer to my husband, understanding each other more, making us a team, a family, even if it’s only the two of us.
I hope this person will open his mind soon and realize that diversity is everywhere and that people should not be judged or compared on non-comparable issues.

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