IVF and waiting

There are a few moments in the IVF process where all you need to do is wait and rest.
One is right after the transfer, when you have two weeks of wait (TWW) before you can test and check the results. In these two weeks, stuffed with high progesterone levels, a low activity level is unavoidable. I will never stop thanking BBC for all those long Jane Austin’s series that I never get tired of watching. But, despite the progesterone and Mr Darcy helping me stay calm, during these two weeks I do tend to freak out about all the possible signals my body sends: big boobs, various pains etc. A piece of advice (mostly to myself): avoid internet fora on days like this. It really doesn’t help!
Second moment of pause, whatever the reason for waiting is, is between IVFs. This is when everyone tells you: that’s great, so you get to have some fun and relax. Somehow though, after IVF I don’t feel like having fun. I’m too tired, too sad and too eager to get answers and make new plans. For instance, after the last IVF failure this summer, I have started meditation, yoga, reading books on infertility diets, and a few other things. All with in my head trying to prepare for the next cycle. Now that it’s been a few months of pausing I realize just allowing myself to have some fun would also be good!!

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