Coldest doctor ever!

I really like my gynecologist. She is direct and competent and hence gives me a nice sense of security. But she is also the coldest and most detached doctor I have ever had.
After months of pausing, I went to see her today. Yesterday I was so excited about it that it was almost funny. But she got there half an hour late and then she just gave me a ton of drugs to take, signed papers for my insurance and walked me to the door.
I was not expecting a chat but I did have a few questions I would have liked to ask.
I come from a country where there is a much more human approach to patients. I know she’s busy and that she sees a lot of people like me who all have tons of questions. But it would be nice to have just a little human touch or at very least an explanation of what is that I will be injecting myself with and how it is different from what we have done last time.. That would be reassuring to know!

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One Response to Coldest doctor ever!

  1. E v e l y n says:

    Can you switch to another doctor? Infertility isn’t easy, she should know this and at least give you a few minutes.

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