Crazy urologist

Today my hubby had his first appointment with the urologist. He had booked this appointment 3-4 months ago: long wait! The doctor was very late so I ended up going too. Very happy about it!!
As I arrived, I realized my hubby had forgotten to bring his exam results. I am very proud of myself for having kept calm. Then we waited for another hour and we started the visit at half past 8PM, thinking “he better be good”. Well, he was worth the wait! He was brilliant though a bit of a nut case. It’s the first time we talk to someone who gives us advice on clinics, people and on what to do.
To start off, he said that the lab lady at the clinic is gone and before we start the IVF we need to go see the new one. He said our case needs attention as it’s complicated. He also told us we may want to change gynecologist and gave us the contact of another very good gynecologist and endocrinologist.
It’s been really really great to get advice but at the same time it looks like we won’t be able to do our IVF in March and that we’ll have to do it later, e.g. May, June or July. I know it’s not a tragedy, especially if it gives us more chances. But I feel like I’ve already been waiting for so long that I don’t want to wait any more. I guess I didn’t have to worry about setting dates after all…
The other thing is the urologist told Mr Hubby to quit smoking. And that it’s ridiculous that we do IVFs while he hasn’t quit smoking. However, it doesn’t seem like even this will make him change his mind… I really hate cigarettes!!!! I don’t think it would make a massive difference if he quit but at this stage anything that can make an improvement is worth trying…

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One Response to Crazy urologist

  1. E v e l y n says:

    Crazy hours for a doctor. I think that’s hard when he’s recommending other doctors. Are you going to switch?

    The smoking thing is hard. I was a smoker and it’s hard to quit. I hope he does though.

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