Not getting any younger

I’m at home visiting my parents for a few days and my husband came with me for the week-end. This is the first time my parents did not come to pick us up at the airport. They are now retired and live in the mountains, and since there was a lot of snow it was better for us to take the train and be picked up at the station. No big deal, especially as I’m staying for over a week. But when I got off the train and saw my dad, I had a sudden realisation of time going by. It’s tough not to see your parents for a while when you live abroad and then realise all at once how much older they look – they are. This time my dad looked really a lot older. His hair is almost all white now and he looks tired and somehow smaller. He’s always been so strong and so much smarter than me, but he’s starting to get tired more quickly and I even manage to win him at some games.
My husband and I are also not getting any younger. We went skiing on Sunday and instead of the usual show off my hubby was slower and even fell a couple of times, hurting himself quite a bit. Let along the wrinkles and white and fallen hair 2012 has gifted us with. Worries, sadness and pain makes you older and definitely makes you look a lot older.
I would probably not care at all if I had kids. My parents would be grandparents and would be in the perfect shape to take care of the kids. And we would be two people who are getting mature and a wee bit older while parenting. But like this, all of us getting older just seems a reminder of all the time we are spending waiting to have a family, and all the energy we’ve invested in trying to have a baby.
Luckily, we still manage to have a lot of fun. On Friday we organised a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns with a traditional Burns supper, including a real haggis. My dad was great: he managed to read the Scottish poem “Address to a Haggis”, which is impossible for most non-Scottish people, with his cute Italian accent and had no shame in wearing a tartan blanket as if it were a kilt (apologies to the Scots, we had nothing better).
Plans for the next days are snowshoeing with dad, cooking lessons with mum, repairing a little statue for dad and eating yummy food. We are getting older but I still love being at home with my parents.

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2 Responses to Not getting any younger

  1. E v e l y n says:

    I like being with my folks so much I never left them 🙂 They don’t seem to mind that too much either.

    My last name is Scottish and so I suppose I am too, but I didn’t do a thing for Robbie Burns day. So I’m really glad your family did something fantastic. And I love that your dad wore a blanket as a kilt.

    Enjoy snowshoeing. I finally got out myself this weekend. I love it but can’t convince either of my folks to come with me.

  2. Joanna Schwartz says:

    Awww…old souls are ageless honey! Enjoy the good company, eat some of your favorites for me!
    PS, He is not getting older, he’s just out of shape! 😉

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