One more test: breast biopsy

After a nice day and evening on Friday, Saturday Mr. hubby and I woke up early to go see the gynecologist. I was hoping she would give me my new treatment list as a birthday present! But, as she looked through the results of the zillion tests she had me do, she noticed there is a lump in my right breast that has been classified as possibly dangerous by the lady who did the scan. So she won’t give me the go for the treatments before I have a breast biopsy done.

I asked if we could check it out after the IVF but she said no. I even used my puss-in-boots-from-Shrek look, but it was no use. I know it’s no good, but I can’t avoid being sad when something else comes up and delays the IVF. I actually really liked that she didn’t have any doubt in ignoring my teary eyes; it shows she’s in charge. I am not too surprised either as the lady who did the scan was also of the same opinion. And it is better to be on the safe side.

While looking at the clinics website I realised there are two types of biopsy: a needle aspiration biopsy, which is quick and not invasive, and a surgical biopsy, which is a bit more invasive since you have a small cut done. Of course I have the second type. I know I’ll just have a little cut done and that it’s not going to be half as bad as IVF but still, I am looking forward for this to be over and to have the results.

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3 Responses to One more test: breast biopsy

  1. That’s frustrating. I hope the results will be both speedy AND negative. (Negative, as in nothing wrong. Funny to hope for a negative on something for once, isn’t it?)

  2. Kitten says:

    I hope you can get it done soon and get the results quickly. I’m sure it’s nothing, but you’re right: better to be safe and have no reservations about moving forward with IVF. Good luck!

  3. E v e l y n says:

    Frustrating. I too hope the test happens fast and the result is good. Make sure you have frozen peas on hand, I hear applying a bag of these afterwards is good for any discomfort.

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