What’s changed from the last IVF round?

After the last IVF I had asked myself why ever bother doing another one. I thought that, given that nothing would change, there was no point in trying again. But as a matter of facts, after a long long break, some things have changed. So here is a reminder to myself of all things that have changed and that may help increasing our chances:

  • I am less stressed, tired, desperate after all these months of doing nothing
  • I have been doing acupuncture regularly and plan to do it during the treatments
  • I have been going to a psychologist’s to work on my emotions
  • I have followed a meditation course and learned relaxation and breathing techniques that help managing stress
  • My husband feels better and does not have sleeping problems like last year
  • We have better understood how to deal with each other to avoid fights or crises
  • I have had a regular (pills-induced) cycle to make my hormones levels more normal
  • We have been eating better
  • We have a better gynecologist who will do the monitoring scans herself, meaning that it is also less difficult to ask questions and get answers
  • We are trying new meds (or rather a new combination of meds) which should help avoiding hyperstimulation
  • The new embryologist is more assertive and will check on the decisions on transfers and the rest
  • The endocrinologist will be now checking on my thyroid
  • I know I can survive hyperstimulation so I won’t have hypochondria attacks if I get it

Is this going to make it work? I don’t know. But given our scarce results so far, we’re happy with anything that can help a bit.

On Monday I should know whether we are actually going ahead with the IVF. I can’t wait: having a plan would really help getting motivated!

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3 Responses to What’s changed from the last IVF round?

  1. E v e l y n says:

    Sounds like you have done a lot of things that can make a difference. I think this is a positive way to look at things too.

  2. Joanna Schwartz says:

    I’m with Evelyn. It sounds like there are alot of helpful changes that could make a big difference.

  3. eph525 says:

    I hope that you can move forward with the IVF and have success!

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