Good news: my boobs are well!

This morning I got the result of the breast biopsy: negative. Yuppy!! I’m so relieved!!

I also had a first ultrasound, which showed all was normal and quiet, and a blood test. Blood test shows I have some coagulation problems. Basically it sounds like I may have a tendency to bleed too much. All in all though the gynecologist says we can go ahead with the treatments and we finally have a plan! (I love plans)

The plan is to start injections of Gonal-F on Friday. Gonal-F is my favourite: I can hardly feel its tiny needles. Then I go back for a check on Wednesday next week. Then I don’t know because we’ll have to adjust doses and add other meds. The egg retrieval is likely going to be in mid-April.

I had thought we would start immediately and was a bit disappointed at first. But I’m quite happy about waiting until Friday now: I’ve been feeling quite tired lately, most likely because of the duphaston pills and then my period and the biopsy. But today I feel a bit better. So it’s good if I wait a bit before starting and take a couple of days to recover and pile up some energy.

So here we are: start of IVF No. 3. Stats will say we have 24% that it works. I say I better not think about stats.


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One Response to Good news: my boobs are well!

  1. E v e l y n says:

    This is excellent news.

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