Ready to start soon again

I had my check up yesterday. All looks ok so I will start the treatments again on Thursday but this time with smaller doses which should avoid the LH peak. The plan is also to monitor more often. If I don’t mess things up again I’ll have the egg retrieval at the beginning of May. Fingers crossed!

After the doing the blood tests, the ultrasound and seeing the gynaecologist I basically spent the day going to see friend’s babies. First I went to see a friend who recently had a baby to meet the little one. But she had organised a group visit which didn’t work out so well as it was people who did not know each other and the parents looked tired and grumpy. We saw the baby for about 2 minutes and could hardly ask questions as it was really busy with people.

Then I went to see a friend who is about to move to Germany with her boyfriend and son. It was a bit sad to say goodbye, especially since I’ve done a good share of baby sitting so I’ll miss the little boy. But she somehow made it easier for me by spending 2 hours telling me about all of her friends who just got pregnant, including one who doesn’t know if she wants to keep the baby, one who only realised when she was 5-month into the pregnancy so she couldn’t have an abortion etc. These are people I don’t even know.

The best thing this week has been going to Pink Martini’s concert. I loved it! It totally made my week! I even got a bit emotional and cried when she sang my favourite song:

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3 Responses to Ready to start soon again

  1. E v e l y n says:

    I’ve never heard of Pink Martini, and sadly my French is virtually non-existant, but I listened to the song and really liked her voice.

  2. jesselyn6585 says:

    I’m so happy that you’re trying again soon. Good luck. I’m surprised that your friend would tell you those horrible things if she knows that you’re TTC. Sounds awful to listen to. Anyway, sending you good vibes and visions of healthy babies.

  3. Great to hear that things are falling into place for another cycle. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the concert. That’s one of my favorite songs to sing along to and I love the little trace of accent that come through in it. Sending you lots of good thoughts and energy.

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