Second and third monitoring

The second monitoring went ok. Since I am not much in pain (totally unusual for me after 8 days of injections), I was fearing that the treatment wasn’t working at all. Instead, it looks like it’s working but just a bit slowly.

I was planning to have a relaxing week-end but I ended up getting sick. So, even if I didn’t do anything, it was a week-end of recovery more than relaxation. This morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed at dawn to go for blood test and ultrasound. I was tired enough for the treatments, I really didn’t need this bad cold!

One good thing is that my husband seems to have undergone a magical transformation. This week-end he cooked 2 meals, took care of the laundry, went grocery shopping and ironed. I am really grateful he took over because I was in no shape to do anything productive. It’s good to be on “strike” sometimes!

On the monitoring, it looks like my body is really taking it very slowly. The eggs are too small yet to plan the egg retrieval. I’ll have to continue with the injections and go back for another check on Thursday. Although it is a bit annoying that things are going so slow, I am impressed that the new gynecologist has – at least so far – found a way to avoid hyperstimulation. Also, I am very tired but not in too much pain, contrarily to the other times. I just really hope that we’ll get to the egg retrieval and that there won’t be some last minute problems.

I really can’t wait for today to be over! I hate working when I have a cold!

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One Response to Second and third monitoring

  1. Slow-going is super frustrating, but as you know, not as bad as hyperstimulating! Hang in there, lady! You are doing a great job growing those eggs!!

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