Egg retrieval day

This morning we got out early to a desert city. It was great to skip the battle to find a seat on the train. We found the same quite atmosphere at the clinic: no queues and no wait, everything was super quick. It was great though a tiny bit overwhelming. My husband was called for his job and while normally he would be back before the nurses came to get me, this time they came before he was back. No big deal though, especially since all the nurses were lovely today. I was really lucky.

It was the first time I had total anesthesia for the egg retrieval (actually it was the first time ever). I really didn’t like the perfusion, but it was much easier to be asleep. Being asleep I avoided all the stress and panic I had last year. After we came back home, I slept for a few hours. I’m feeling better now though still a bit sleepy so I think I’ll also have an early night. But before I go back to sleep, I have a bunch of meds to take: an injection of ovitrelle, estrogen patches and progesterone suppositories plus pain killers of various sort. The injection is just for today and than again in 3 days; the rest is for 15 days unless there is no transfer. Having injection and patches after the egg retrieval is a bit weird but it’s all part of this protocol to avoid OHSS.

I had 8 eggs retrieved. It’s much less than the other times, which is a bit upsetting, but then I know it may mean that they are of better quality and that they may lead to better results. We should get a call tomorrow morning from the clinic to know how many eggs got fertilised, if any. On normal conditions I would probably be unable to sleep, but the good side of being completely drugged up is that I’ll sleep no matter what.

I feel really lucky today! I got lots of support and encouragement messages. Thanks to all who read this blog for the messages in the past days! A few good friends were also aware that the egg retrieval was today and they all sent messages. It felt good to be supported.

We’ve done our job, now all we can do is wait and hope to have some good embryos..

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4 Responses to Egg retrieval day

  1. newtoivf says:

    glad it all went well! x

  2. E v e l y n says:

    The only thing I miss about egg retrievals is the kindness of the nurses. The ones at my old clinic always made me feel so well cared for. I sounds like it was rather peaceful and I’m glad for that. It’s a good way to have an egg retrieval.

    My fingers are crossed for good news tomorrow.

  3. knalani says:

    Sending positive vibes your way! May all 8 fertilize and grow to healthy little blastocysts!!

  4. jesselyn6585 says:

    I’m glad it went so well. Sending good vibes!

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