Transfer tomorrow!

Last night I was so tired I put on a movie but fell asleep before seeing the title. I was exhausted. I slept really well until this morning at 5AM when I started waking up every half hour wondering when I would get a call from the clinic and worrying that they may call saying that there was nothing to transfer.

The clinic finally called at 9AM and this lady, who had the voice of someone who was about to give bad news, actually gave me very good news. Of the 8 eggs, 6 could be micro-injected and of these 5 were fertilised.
So, I am to go in for the transfer tomorrow! Yey!!
I have never done a transfer at day 2, all other times I was too sick with OHSS to have the transfer immediately and did it on day 5. The first time all embryos died between day 2 and day 5, the second time, only one blastocyst survived. This time the gynaecologist wants to try to have a transfer at day 2 to see if the embryo develops better inside me than in the lab. I’ve heard different theories about this but since the day 5 transfer never worked for me, I’m happy to try at day 2.

Another step is done. I was so relieved to know that there could be a transfer. I just need to stay calm and rest to be in good shape tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Transfer tomorrow!

  1. E v e l y n says:

    I’ve heard different theories on the day of transfer. The clinic I’m leaving told me embryos do better on the inside so tend to transfer on day 3 but the clinic I’m moving to seems to prefer day 5. The thing to remember is that people get pregnant both ways.

    Take it easy.

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