It takes a long time to recover from failed IVF…

One of the hardest things of IVF is how long it takes to recover from it when it doesn’t work. IVF per se is painful but actually exciting: you feel like you’re finally doing something and have some hope to succeed. But then you’re left tired, out of shape and depressed. It takes a long time to recover both physically and mentally. I find that people have a hard time understanding this. How many times have I heard comments like "now you can/should just have some fun". As if that was at all possible right after IVF…

I may be particularly slow but it takes me about a month for my body to get back in a decent shape, i.e. I can go running without collapsing half way through, I can stay up late at night without getting upset or grumpy and I can be at my normal productivity levels at work.

But it takes me about two months to get back into shape so I can actually do sports comparably to people my age. It also takes me about that time to go back to a "normal" me: generally in a good mood, singing in the shower, listening to music and dancing around while getting dressed, going out partying, etc.

Other people may be better and quicker than me, but it does take time.

And while right now I’m trying hard to do sports, lose weight, have fun, see people, travel and do fun things, I know that it will all come back with the next cycle. I am determined to try and be more sportive and in a better mood during the next cycle but I am not sure I’ll manage since hormones really tire me out and I find it hard enough to deal with medical appointments, work, commute and the rest to also do sports two-three times a week and get home in the evening in a good mood.

People talk about a rollercoaster when referring to IVF. That is so correct! You go all the way down when you find out about it, then you almost get overexcited when you try the first time, then it all fails and you fall really down, then you try again and your mood goes a bit higher up, then you fail again and so on so forth… until you either succeed or give up. I wish I knew which way our future will go…

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8 Responses to It takes a long time to recover from failed IVF…

  1. Little Wife says:

    You’re so right. My last treatment was during May and I still don’t feel totally back to normal. Actually, I did’nt feel like the normal me since the beginning of the infertility thing.
    I hope we’ll both be on the succeed side.

  2. newtoivf says:

    I’m at 3 weeks after my first IVF BFN…totally get this post. I feel fat, sad and negative 😩

  3. My first failed IVF cycle ended 10 days ago. I have has an awful head cold and punishing, sharp headaches. Is this germs? Stress? My body fighting back after hormonepalooza? Dying to go to yoga but can’t think straight. My appetite is being affected and I’ve lost another kilo, I think that’s a stress kilo. But I feel like I’m losing muscle mass, it’s yuck.

  4. redbluebird says:

    I can’t imagine people getting back to normal quickly after what IVF puts you through. It seems to me that you’re doing amazingly well under the circumstances. It’s a big deal. Hoping for a blissfully happy outcome for you!

  5. I got my BFN from my second attempt just yesterday. Last night I had the thought that I would get up this morning and go for a run… I’ve put on a bit of weight during the treatment and they said no exercise except walking, so I’ve lost fitness too!

    But when I woke up this morning, my boobs were still WAY too sore to even think about a run… plus I’m still cramping from the progesterone and waiting for Aunt Flo to arrive. Damn you hormones!! Why can’t it just be like flicking off a switch? Not on treatment anymore?… straight back to normal for you!

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