Laughing at infertility

There are phases in an infertility journey when it is impossible to laugh. At least personally I have had a few of those. But then, like for any other problem, it is much better when you can actually laugh about it.

Last week I met up with one of the girls from the support group. It was honestly the best therapy I’ve had in ages! She’s got quite a story: she got pregnant right away after she stopped the pill. But it was an ectopic pregnancy. She then got pregnant again after a few months but it was a second ectopic pregnancy after which she had her trump removed. Since then she’s done two IVFs in which she managed to produce loads of beautiful embies. Except, despite the number of transfers and having done treatments for the uterus, none stuck. She’s now seriously thinking of moving to the US to find a surrogate.

What do two infertiles laugh about?

  • our men in a timed intercourse cycle: “honey, it’s tonight, you don’t want to come to bed?”. “But there’s such a good movie in TV! Can’t we do it tomorrow?”. I won’t quote the various answers since they are not generally very polite..
  • going for a monitoring scan and while the doctor is checking your ovaries hearing a long speech to which you have to agree with against your political beliefs simply because you’re too scared of pissing him off..
  • going to the work doctor’s for a work medical visit. Telling the doctor about your problems with PCOS and your failed IVF cycles. And having the doctor tell you she understands PCOS can be a big problem because of excessive hair. Excessive hair? Yes that is a problem but not such a huge one compared to childlessness and recovering from 3 IVF cycles. I would be very ready to be super hairy in exchange for a baby!

#laugh #quote

I’m sure there’s more… What did I forget?

I’m unable to laugh all the time, but it is great to be able to do it at times!

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4 Responses to Laughing at infertility

  1. Ria says:

    Thanks for the smile. The absurdity of that last bullet about PCOS and your doctor was too much. It’s hard to believe people say such silly things. But you’re definitely right: it’s so good to laugh about it when we can.

  2. Little Wife says:

    We also laugh quite ofte,. An example: when he insisted to make me keep legs up after intercourse… (thanks to my mom’s advice)…

  3. Maybe we should start a support group for traumatised hairy women suffering from PCOS 😉

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