Why can’t we always be on holidays?!?!

Some people get tired of being on holidays; changing hotels, not having properly ironed clothes and only having a certain number of outfits. I don’t. I love travelling! Of course, there is always pleasure in coming back home, sleeping in my super comfortable bed and seeing all my plants still alive. But I really love travelling and all the excitement it comes with.

We had an excellent vacation. We discovered a bit of Croatia, a small country we knew nothing of. It wasn’t a particularly exotic trip, but it was a stranger enough country and culture for us to disconnect from our routine and habits. It had all we wanted: seaside, sun, nature, and pretty villages to discover. It was just what we needed to feel better with each other.

I had a long list of wishes before leaving, and I’d say most of them came true: we had fun together, relaxed, found beautiful beaches where to swim, saw beautiful places and didn’t get any questions on the absence of children.

Of course nothing is perfect and we had a couple of moments which broke our honeymoon-like mood, such as when we found ourselves on this beach which was clearly mostly for families since we were the only ones without kids in the whole beach. But all in all it was just the holidays we needed. Too bad it’s over!

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8 Responses to Why can’t we always be on holidays?!?!

  1. Sounds like a great trip! I relate with you in your love to travel! I love the excitement and all that you learn, eat and see.

  2. E v e l y n says:

    I didn’t travel on my vacation but agree with your sentiment; I’d love to be permanently on vacation.

  3. newtoivf says:

    We traveled abit round Croatia last year and loved it, such a beautiful place. Glad you had fun x

  4. Vive les vacances 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you had a good holiday! Lord knows we all need a break from this. Hope you have a good trip to Germany!

  6. Glad to read you were able to disconnect during your vacation. I was partly able to do that too… . However, I could not completely switch off as we had to communicate with our fertility clinic about our incoming IFV protocol…

  7. satoyafoster says:

    I tend to have a growing dislike for the holidays. We are lucky to have very supportive and loving friends that invite my husband and I to holiday festivities, but I hate going into the holidays childless.

    • satoyafoster says:

      Sheesh….I can’t imagine having to work with pregnant women while TTCing. I know waayy too many pregnant people/new moms currently. I try to be happy for them (they attend my church) but it’s really hard sometimes to go to the showers and things. But overall, yes, it sucks being childless. Much love to you!

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