Proud wife

I know I often complain about my hubby so I think he really deserves a post to underline how great he can be.

Mr Hubby had loads of fun last week-end catching up with his friends, partying, chatting, drinking and dancing. He’s much more of a social animal than I am and really enjoys all events such as weddings and massive parties. But this time the week-end ended on a bitter-sweet note. After the two-day party wedding, on Sunday we were sitting with a few friends, including a couple who are probably my husband’s best friends and who just came back from a 9-month world. Out of the blue my husband’s friend says: “oh and we forgot to tell you that when we left were two and now we are three”.

Follows congratulations from everyone, people crying, glasses raising etc. Follows wonder stories on how this baby was conceived at 3000 meters altitude in Peru in everyone’s amazement and admiration. Follows the couple saying they would have much preferred to get pregnant a month later because it was tough for the girl to be pregnant in high altitude, to avoid drinking while everyone was partying and to be unable to eat ceviche and other yummy things. Also follows one girl coming up to the future parents to welcome them “to the club”.

I’ll cut short on my amazement at a couple announcing a pregnancy in front of loads of people when she’s less than two month pregnant without a tiny bit of fear in the eyes. I’ll also leave for another post my questions on whether it’s my insecurity that makes my embies die and whether I should just become less cautious and paranoid. And I’ll just avoid asking why some couples are so lucky that not only they manage to conceive but also to do so as planned in the middle of their world trip, while others cannot even in a lab, since I know no one has an answer to this question.

Hubby and I smiled and congratulated the parents to be like everyone else. Despite the happy facade, as soon as we got on the train back to Paris, hubby told me he didn’t take it too well. He didn’t understand how one of his best friends didn’t have the kindness to tell him separately but decided instead to include him in the public bragging about their conception abilities in high altitude. I’d like to say that while I’m rather sensitive at pretty much anything, my hubby is normally cooler about pregnancy related news. So he getting upset basically tells you both how tactless and annoying this was and how close him and his friends are.

It’s starting to be tough for my husband too because both his best friends are going to become fathers and pretty much at the same time. But he stayed there, smiled and kept up a happy look until we were alone on the train. I admire his ability to hide his emotions (as much as I hate it at times, under these circumstances I really admire him).

I also admire that, despite being a bit shaken by these news, he woke up this morning all set to go to his individual meeting with the social assistant for adoption and did a good job at it. This meeting is all about our childhood, our families, and our relationship. He was really scared about this meeting because his family history is not great. His mum died when he was about 10 years old and she was the main source of affection for him since his dad is not an easy man: he’s cold, moody and has a great ability in complaining and making you feel incompetent. Hence growing up with lots of insecurities, little manias and often problems with dealing with stress.

Hubby said that the meeting went well but that he was almost crying when talking about his mum. I love that after all these years he still cannot talk about her without getting emotional. He was worried that this may have looked bad but I really don’t think so. I think showing emotions is good, especially when they are towards someone so important in your life. I hope the social assistant agrees. In any case, I am proud of him.

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6 Responses to Proud wife

  1. E v e l y n says:

    I don’t think you complain about your husband often. I’m sure it won’t be a negative that he was emotional and I can’t see them holding his childhood against him. If anything they will recognize that he rose above a difficult sitation and is capable of caring about others.

  2. Gee that sounds hard. Group announcements make me physically ill. Luckily I haven’t had any recently. You guys sound like you were really brave. What a tough situation. Sad. Thinking of you x

  3. jesselyn6585 says:

    Aww Sweetie! Big hug for you and your Husband.

  4. Joanna Schwartz says:

    If she doesn’t agree, she is not human! He will make a wonderful father, I would put money on it! It goes without saying that you will be the most wonderful mommy ever, but I thought I will remind you. Love you!

  5. newtoivf says:

    So hard, you’re right it’s just not fair x

  6. People just don’t get it, they really don’t. And it’s especially hard when it’s supposed to be the people who love us the most (best friends, family members). I’m so sorry that you guys got hit with a baby bomb. I think showing emotions is good, too, and am excited that you are moving forward in the process!

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