Before I get to the core topic of this post (I know, hard to guess given the title…), a BIG THANK YOU for all the sweet and supportive messages to my last post. I feel a lot better after a few long nights of sleep. I have been looking a bit into international adoption but do not understand anything. Hopefully things will soon become clearer somehow.

Anyways this post isn’t about adoption but about my soon to come trip to Japan!! Yey!! I have never been to Japan so I’m rather excited. I will be going at the end of October, which is an excellent time to go especially when you love the fall and fall foliage as much as I do. Ohhh I can’t wait to be in the middle of all those colorful Japanese maple trees! I will be going for work but also hopefully staying a little bit longer to visit.

This wasn’t my idea: my boss asked me to go. To refuse I would have had to come up with some excuse, except I’m sort of running out of excuses. Earlier this year I had a similar problem: I was asked to go on work trips but they were very close to the foreseen IVF dates. I said no to my boss saying I needed some time off for some medical treatment which was going to be around the same time as the work trip. I ended up not going on the trip and cancelling the IVF cycle because I had a bad reaction to the meds. Similarly, I said no to another trip because it was right after IVF and, thinking it may work, I was scared about messing things up. IVF didn’t work and again I missed the trip.

This time when my boss asked I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t come up with an excuse. But also, I kinda want to go to Japan, even if this trip is less than a month after my FET. If the tranfer works and I need to stay then I’ll cancel or make something up somehow. But I’ll worry about that later.

I’m not sure if I am being irresponsible or if I’m simply so convinced that the transfer won’t work that I don’t care. Or maybe I just feel the need to stop putting my life on hold. No idea. At least I’ll have something to cheer me up after the FET.

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14 Responses to Japan!!

  1. newtoivf says:

    I’m also sick of putting life on hold for a ‘maybe’. think just going for it is the right idea. Good luck with your FET, I start downregging for mine in a few weeks!

  2. allison2206 says:

    You’re right to go! I have two trips for work before the end of the year and it’s the same, I’m not sure it’s the best time but I really wanna go so I accepted. Sometimes we need things to look forward to also!

  3. redbluebird says:

    That’s so exciting! I would love to go to Japan, and you’re right, I’ll bet it’s beautiful there in October. I’m sure I’m clueless, but why can’t you go if your FET works? I do hope you get to enjoy Japan, but I REALLY hope your FET is a success!

    • redbluebird says:

      Oh I don’t blame you for being careful at all. I just didn’t know if there was a specific reason not to travel after. I was even afraid to use the riding mower to cut the lawn after my BFP (obviously the bouncing would have caused the embryo to detach from my uterine wall!). Do what feels right to you. Either way, you’ll have something great to look forward to next month!

  4. damelapin says:

    Same as newtoivf. I’m already planning my vacations for January. My mum told me “if I were you, I’d wait for the results”. No. Enough to put everything on hold for a “what if”. If it’s a negative, it would sad, and sadder because we’d be deprived of this vacation.
    There’s always the cancellation option 😉

    • damelapin says:

      After seing my “murder look”, she stopped herself and said “no of course, you can’t stop living”… thank you mother^^
      Don’t know where it will be: Montreal (we were supposed to go last year but my husband got the flu), ile de la rĂ©union (we have friends of my in laws living there) or the cheapest option: republic dominicana

  5. jesselyn6585 says:

    Japan sounds like so much fun! I’m excited for you. It’s a great idea to not put your life on hold.

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  7. Little Wife says:

    I love Japan! I went once and it was incredible… I think, no, I’m sure you took the right decision.

  8. E v e l y n says:

    Japan! I’m green with envy. They have pregnant women in Japan so I’m sure you’ll be fine going. I’m glad you didn’t make an excuse.

  9. Joanna Schwartz says:

    “I feel the need to stop putting my life on hold”

  10. Sorry for this late comment. I am caching up on my readings…
    Going to Japan with your embryo comfortably installed sounds good!! 🙂

  11. tinadayo says:

    (found your blog through the IFpumpkinsmackdown…which I’m hoping to take part in although I never carved a pumpkin before, haha)

    Just wanted to wish you a happy trip to JAPAN! (my “home away from home”) I’ve just been there for 3 weeks in September and already homesick again. Fall in Japan is just beautiful! ❀

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