Before I die…

I was looking at online news today and found a short article showing a cool initiative in London: a big black board in an abandoned building where you can add your wishes finishing the sentence

Before I die I want to_____

Londra, il graffito "Prima di morire voglio..."

The article also showed some close up parts where you could read what people had written. In one of them it said, very simply, “have a child”. I couldn’t help wondering who wrote it and if she/he (more likely she) was also struggling with infertility. I think I would have written the same. Or maybe just “be a mum”.

Londra, il graffito "Prima di morire voglio..."

I really liked some of the stuff people wrote:

smile every day
make her smile everyday
finish a yoga class
save a life
marry Paul
make a difference
make people happy

Some responses were much lighter, so I thought about a few other responses I may have given:
– go to Peru (yes, my dearest Peruvian reader, hopefully soon and not just before I die)
– go to Easter Island
– stop biting my nails (yeah right..)
– learn how to bake muffins and cupcakes

What would you write?

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8 Responses to Before I die…

  1. The dearest Peruvian reader :) says:

    When you come we will make muffins for breakfast and cupcakes for dinner… all washed down with plenty of tea! I promise! 🙂

  2. Little Wife says:

    I just asked my husband and here is his answer : Get a Porsche…
    I’d like to:
    – Go to NYC
    – Be fuent in English
    – Learn to cook
    – run a marathon

  3. E v e l y n says:

    -Look into the eyes of my child while he/she looks back
    -See the Sistine Chapel
    -Overcome my weight issues
    -Write a book

  4. Crankydem says:

    Start with the baking of cupcakes. Cheap, relatively easy (sorry to all the pastry chefs). Smells intoxicating and hopefully tastes even better. Plus always good to have some comfort food around when dealing with a life trial… use a mix if you get impatient and don’t feel guilty about it:)

  5. allison2206 says:

    – Learn Spanish
    – Swim with dolphins
    – Own a pair of Manolos hahhahaha

  6. Bianca J says:

    – Visit South America (anywhere, but I want to see it all)
    – Have a baby
    – Build our dream house and live sustainably.

  7. jesselyn6585 says:

    Be a Mommy. Get certified as a midwife. Go back to the village in Italy that I lived in as a baby. Go to Paris. Learn Italian again. Become more fluent in French. Give my children everything they need. Build my dream house.

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