Two embies transferred!

I have good news today! We had had two frozen embies from the last IVF cycle: one good and one not-so-good. Luckily they survived the thawing process and the nurse told us they were both looking good. So I had the two embies transferred earlier today.

I’m all set for the waiting game to start. All the more so since my favourite TV series have just started again. Except I shouldn’t watch the Big Bang Theory because it makes me laugh so much that it could make me expel the embies (joking, I know that doesn’t happen..).

I really wish I could do something to help the embies stick instead of this depending largely on luck or stuff I cannot control. There are a few things I planned to do that are meant to help: relaxation exercises, meditation, relaxation yoga, acupuncture, avoid stress (ok, I kinda suck at that but I’ll do my best..).

A friend emailed me on Saturday night advising to eat pineapple. I had never heard about this so I googled it and found out it’s good to eat pineapple core as well as pineapple in general. Luckily we have a market right next to where we live on Sunday mornings so I could go buy some pineapples. Then I read somewhere else that it is good to drink warm stuff. That made me happy. I knew a cup of tea (herbal in this case) could always help! But that’s about it. I can’t really find anything else to do or eat that could help.

I was off work today and will stay off work tomorrow too, since I’m planning to go see the acupuncturist. But then not sure of how many days more of sick leave to take. I think I’ll stay until Wednesday and then go back. Some people take a full week off and my first RE used to put me on sick leave for two weeks. But that just seems a bit much.

Any advice will be welcome!

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10 Responses to Two embies transferred!

  1. Lulu says:

    No advice… but fingers crossed !

  2. Stina says:

    Sending every good vibe I can your way!

  3. trishadill38 says:

    Wishing you all the best. My transfer date is this Friday.

  4. damelapin says:

    another big bang theory fan!!! we should meet for a re-run while we’re “pregnant” with our frozen embryos 😉
    Fingers crossed

  5. newtoivf says:

    Glad to hear thawing went well… I’m having two frosties back soon and nervous about the defrost! Good luck, how your 2ww goes quickly x

  6. jesselyn6585 says:

    Ahaha I love big bang theory. I would say that you should go back only when you feel ready to do so. Listen to your body.

  7. E v e l y n says:

    I think you’re strategies are great, but don’t drive yourself crazy over it.

    Good luck.

  8. bebeparler says:

    I was told last year to eat pineapple before the transfer but not after it?! It’s hard to know who to believe. Well keep relaxed and just distract yourself for the next few weeks. It’s a good sign they both survived and were doing well. That’s what they told me before our frostie transfer. 🙂 Sending you positive vibes!

  9. redbluebird says:

    Sending so much luck your way!! I’ve never watched the Big Bang Theory, but if it’s that funny, I better check it out!

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