FET results

My hCG level is 15.

I called my gynecologist’s office and was told that it basically means that it’s negative but that I can try to do another blood test on Monday if I don’t start bleeding before then. In a nutshell, I’ve been told that there is no hope but that I can wait a bit more before giving up.

Basically, I can spend the week-end waiting for an early miscarriage. Can you even call it miscarriage at 2 weeks? Google says yes. I have no idea. But to be honest I don’t particularly care what you call it, the point is still that I’ll go back to being empty.

I’m in a really weird mood right now, in between disappointment, tears, sadness but also excitement because this is still the most pregnant I’ve been my whole life, in two years of treatments and in 3 IVF cycles.

Sorry, I’ll cut this post short. I don’t know what else to say…

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25 Responses to FET results

  1. damelapin says:

    Oh fucking hell, crappy shit (quelle éloquence).
    Je m’estime heureuse par rapport à toi… Effectivement on appelle ça une fausse couche précoce. Déjà 3 FIV… de futurs TEC? Tu revois le gynéco quand? Effectivement, le dosage de lundi est à faire, au moins pour confirmer la baisse du taux (et vas y à l’ouverture^^).
    Dis moi, on n’aurait pas le même centre/cabinet par hasard? square du roule?

    • kiftsgate says:

      J’ai pas des futurs TEC, j’ai terminé mes findus. Je la revois le 25 Octobre. No pas le meme cabinet, mais je ne suis pas loine.

      • damelapin says:

        ah c’est une femme la tienne?
        25 octobre ok. Du coup c’est 4ème fiv c’est cela?

        • kiftsgate says:

          La prochaine ca sera la 4eme. J’ai fait FIV1 en Fevrier 2012 (pas d’embryons), FIV1bis en Juillet 2012 (une belle blasto trasferé aprés la FIV), FIV2 en Mai cette année (un embryon transferé) et maintenent un TEC de la FIV 2 (mes deux derniers congelés). Mais au fait vu que j’ai pas de secu francaise, je compte FIV1,2 et 3.

  2. Stina says:

    Oh how you tug at my heart strings. You have been on my mind for some time now. I’ve never been two weeks pregnant, not even a week, not even one day and yet I think I’ve had the easier time of it for sure. I know I would not have the same strength and fortitude of spirit you’ve shown me through sharing your experiences. Thanks for allowing me, a total stranger, to share in this little part of you. I am learning a lot about myself in the process and I thank you for that! Know that you are not alone in your sorrow, I may not totally understand your heartache but I can certainly offer my deepest sympathies and say that infertility is HARD… beyond difficult. And, I hope that it helps just a very little to know that you’re not alone. Hugs!!!

    • kiftsgate says:

      Thank you for reading. It’s great to feel I’m not alone.
      Now that I calmed down a bit, I’m starting to feel more lucky. This is the very first time I am pregnant after all, even if it’s most unlikely that it will last past the week-end. Somehow, even if it all ends on Monday, it also leaves us some hope that next time we may do better. And that is something. So you’re right not to understand my heartache. And sorry, I didn’t mean to be tactless. It’s just when I heard the gynecologist say this was very bad, I focused on that more than on the positive side.

      • Stina says:

        Oh no! I didn’t mean to make you think that you were tactless one bit!!!! You weren’t, you are going through a difficult time and tact is the last thing I’d be worrying about if I were you! 😉 I am so sorry that is how my comment came across, truly. What I meant to say was that I could not fathom what you were going through and that I thought you were being very courageous and brave. I hate it when people say to me, “Oh I totally understand,” when they have never experienced the heartache of infertility and so I didn’t want to make you think that I was being THAT person. PLEASE forgive my comment, I don’t want to diminish what you’re experiencing one bit. You have every right to feel sorrow and pain as well as hope for the future. Mine was just a different type of infertility and I wanted you to know how much I admire you because I don’t think I could’ve done what you’re doing now and been as graceful about it. OK, now great big HUGS!!! 🙂

        • kiftsgate says:

          Thanks. Sorry, I hardly slept last night, and I’m really exhausted. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I don’t feel very brave and graceful but thanks! I really just want to get home, put on my PJs and watch some silly movie (for 5 minutes as I’ll probably fall asleep). Big big hugs back!! Thanks!

    • kiftsgate says:

      Oh and Hugs back! 🙂

  3. newtoivf says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this, be kind to yourself x

  4. Joanna Schwartz says:

    Oh bunny, I’m sorry. Call me WHENEVER

  5. Little Wife says:

    I’m so sorry for this result, 15, is it absolutely sure that it’s not going to increase? It’s great that you see the positive of it. I really hope next time it will be a real big positive !! Take care.

    • kiftsgate says:

      Apparently it’ll take a miracle. But I’ll take any chances for however small and go to Eylau on Sunday morn to check. I found another positive aspect: two extra days with Princess Card!

  6. redbluebird says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m glad that even in the face of this, you are feeling some hope about moving forward. That takes strength. And you definitely have reason to be hopeful about the future. Hugs to you!

  7. Il s’agit bien d’une FC précoce. Le point “positif”, c’est qu’il y a eu une accroche et que ça peut vouloir dire que ça va marcher bientôt … très vite … je te le souhaite de tout coeur, et je suis bien triste pour cette mauvaise nouvelle … en attendant, on attend quand même de voir si le taux augmente … tout plein de bisous

  8. E v e l y n says:

    I want to be hopeful for you but I had a 20 once that didn’t turn out so well. I’d get the second test anyway just to be sure either way. Don’t you hate how these 2 week waits end up being longer?

  9. Lulu says:

    15, c’est faible… Mais c’est pas 0, c’est pas 2 ni 4.
    On n’est pas à l’abri d’un miracle… et c’est tout ce que je te souhaite lundi !
    Courage pour l’attente.

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