IF Pumpkin smackdown – update from Japan

Hello hello dear pumpkin carvers and spectators to the coolest pumpkin carving competition ever! I am so impressed by all the pumpkins. You guys did such a fantastic job!! I bet you were worried that I had forgotten about the prizes. Let me reassure you: I’ve been following from distance and everything is under control, despite some difficulties along the way.

As I arrived to destination on Sunday, I found myself in what is likely the most globalized place of the country. It’s a small town lost in the middle of nowhere, whose main attraction is a science museum. This place could be pretty much in any country: lots of offices and well known shops (GAP, Starbucks, MacDonald’s…). You do realize you are in Japan from details though: the high tech toilets that have a bidet function and a river sound to make you feel more like you want to wee, the non-smoking sign in the jogging trail and the super cool uniforms of school girls who look just like manga characters. Also I’m absolutely in love with the people of Japan: they are so kind and funny and nice!!!

I’ve been on a pretty tight schedule, without too much time to explore. But I have escaped a few times and managed to see a couple of nice things. I’ll leave that for another post though.

So, getting to the main topic of this post, I looked for fancy Japanese Halloween things but I couldn’t find much other than weird cookies and some funny-looking fried sweets, which would not be good to send by mail to possibly very far away countries. So I decided to go for more classic Japanese prizes, which I shall now reveal.

Drum roll!!

Grand Prize Winner

For the Grand Prize Winner, please meet Chizuru, a handmade traditional Japanese doll wearing orange clothes as a reminder of the pumpkins. I was looking for names for her and decided for Chizuru because it means “A thousand storks”. I thought they may be useful and at least some of them may finally get to destination.


Best Expression Prize

For best expression prize, please meet the funny-faced Maneki-neko lucky cat. He’s not just cute, he also brings you luck!


I’ll be happy to send them to the winners of the IF Pumpkin smackdown competition, as soon as all entries have been made and the judge, Immotile Turtle, has made a decision.

I’m off to sleep now, it’s 1:30 AM here and I’m exhausted after a night of Japanese Karaoke. I’m looking forward to discovering the winners!!!  🙂

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7 Responses to IF Pumpkin smackdown – update from Japan

  1. barrenbetty says:

    Oh WOW!!!! They are completely awesome!!!! You are brilliant. Thanks so much. I LOVE the prizes!!! Yippee!! I’m doing a post of all the entries so Turtle can judge them shortly and they are really great. I can’t believe how creative everyone is! xx

  2. newtoivf says:

    these are SO amazing!! love them!

  3. Man… If I’d seen these earlier I’d have tried harder with my pumpkin carving.

    Thanks for being such an amazing support to the smackdown xxx

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  5. Joanna Schwartz says:

    Great prizes! I didn’t carve a pumpkin but I did make a kick ass pumpkin custard 🙂 Where can we see the entries?

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