Final answer from the adoption services: we can adopt!

happy dayAs you have already understood from the title (or heard on twitter), we finally received the papers from the adoption services. We now have documents that say we are allowed to adopt! Yuppy! We can pursue both domestic and international adoption of one child of a maximum of three years of age, and of any ethnic origin.

Although I was feeling positive about this after receiving a nice report, I was still apprehensive. We received a slip from the mail on Thursday saying we had important documents to pick up. I was pretty sure it was from the adoption services but I had to go to work on Friday, and could only go to the post office today. I was so stressed that this morning I woke up at 4AM, by 7AM I was up, but the mail only opened at 9:30. Needless to say I got there well in advance and was the first to enter! I am so happy and relieved now!!

Having these documents sets the end of the first phase, which lasted longer than usual because of IVF. We started in January 2012; so it’s already been over two years! We are automatically on the waiting list for domestic adoption, which requires minimal efforts for now: we just have to write a letter every year to confirm we still want to adopt. Once we are high on the waiting list we’ll have to go meet the adoption services quite often to help them figure out the matching. But domestic adoption takes on average 5-7 years here so there is not much we have to do for now.

Our next steps are on international adoption, which could take a bit less time. We need to apply to agencies sending various documents and a motivation letter. The agencies will decide if to accept us. We are likely going to be refused by most agencies – because that’s what happens to most people – but with a bit of luck we will be accepted by one at least..

Everyone tells me it’ll get harder from now on. I am sure they are right. But for the moment being I am simply excited and happy. These few sheets of paper we received today tell us that we are extremely likely to become parents at some point. It may take a long time but it will happen!

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29 Responses to Final answer from the adoption services: we can adopt!

  1. gsmwc02 says:

    Congrats and best of luck!

  2. E v e l y n says:

    I hope the wait turns out to be shorter than expected. Congrats on the good news.

  3. Congratulations! What an awesome first step!

    Enjoy every moment of this first victory xxx

  4. I am so, so happy for you!! I echo Evelyn and hope the wait is not long. How exciting!

  5. Isabelle says:

    This is wonderful news! Happy for you. 🙂

  6. ecila69 says:

    Bravo et bonne route… 🙂

  7. tinadayo says:

    Congratulations on the good news!! I hope the process won’t get too difficult for you from now on. Sending strength to get through all the steps!!

  8. maeussle says:

    Congratulations! It still amazes me how long it can take to finally be able to adopt a child. You would think with so many kids out there wanting to be adopted that they would speed up the process! I hope you don’t have to wait too long!

  9. allison2206 says:

    Félicitations, c’est top! Vous pensez passer par les OAA ou tentez la démarche individuelle? En tout cas c’est une super nouvelle, plein de bisous!

    • kiftsgate says:

      Merci! Pour l’instant OAA. je ne comprend pas trop comment m’y prendre pour l’individuelle. On va au meeting de l’EFA en May et on va voir si ils nous aident pour mieux comprendre comment faire.. Bisous!

  10. That is a great news!! Indeed, this should reassure you that you will be parents someday (we hope that it will be soon!). Best of luck with the following steps and I hope the wait will not be too long!

  11. It really is exciting hon…just can’t believe it takes so long! Xx

  12. Congrats’, as you say : “These few sheets of paper we received today tell us that we are extremely likely to become parents at some point”. One day you will be parents ! Soon I hope ! Kiss&Champagne !

  13. Joanna Schwartz says:


  14. Graceful.Hope says:

    Bit late to the party but major congrats! Lovely happy news 🙂

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