The new master of magic embryo making

Today I had a meeting with the embryologist of the new clinic. I waited in a very depressive waiting room. I’m normally quite used to decadent-looking places – having lived in a few old cities – but I would have preferred a fancy shiny high-tech looking place for the production of my embies. Oh well.


I’ll give you the main outcome in a few points:
  1. Live like monks. My husband should quit smoking (yeah, heard that before..). We should both reduce alcohol to 2-3 glasses maximum per week. I haven’t told my sweet half yet. He’ll either laugh and continue drinking as he does, or have a heart attack.
  2. Expensive high tech biopsy. The gynecologist suggested we could do a biopsy of the eggs retrieved. The embryologist instead said she would maybe recommend it for a future try as it’s expensive. But, while I know I have a good coverage for this IVF, I am not sure I’ll have it for the next. Plus I want to know if I can only produce crappy eggs so I can decide whether to go directly to donor eggs. So we’ll go for it.
  3. Staying on the safe side. Despite hubby’s improvement in results, she still wants to do ICSI. She doesn’t want to risk wasting the eggs. In her words: sperm is easy to obtain, eggs are not! I think this is where I started warming up to her..
  4. Helping solve my trust issues. I asked her lots of stupid questions, reflecting the fact that I have massive trust issues lately: does she coordinate with the gynecologist? will she be there to take care of the embryos at the lab? They may sound silly, but I had bad experiences in the past… She laughed a bit but I got the answers I wanted.

For the final point I’ll give you our last minutes of conversation:

The people in the waiting room must have been wondering why I was blushing and laughing on my way out of an IVF consult…
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16 Responses to The new master of magic embryo making

  1. jesselyn6585 says:

    Sounds like a good appointment. I’m glad!

  2. damelapin says:

    I like the second point!!! It’s nice to be offered this possibility! Try & push to have it for the next round. xxx

    • kiftsgate says:

      me too! that was my main motivation for changing really.. I’ll have it done at the next round. I just have to send a big check to a lab in the South of the country.. xx

  3. The waiting room does look a bit like a run down middle school library – the beach scene divider tries to save it though 😉 Glad you had a good appointment with her 🙂

  4. So glad all went well hon. Sounds like they know their stuff despite the setting!

  5. Little Wife says:

    Grrrrr I still can’t se your last picture but now I think I got the idea… =)
    Glad you liked her !

  6. Little Wife says:

    Yes I can see it now!! =)

  7. E v e l y n says:

    That looks like a classroom not a clinic. I wouldn’t say you have trust issues. I would think you’re educated about IVF and asking educated questions. Sounds like a good appointment.

    Oh, I just saw something about chance being slightly better with ICSI. Can’t recall where I saw it, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming it.

    • kiftsgate says:

      I don’t know if chances are higher with ICSI for everyone. Another embryologist explained that ICSI is better when the sperm isn’t great as you can select it, but with good sperm normal is better as there is more natural selection and there is no time wasted on lab selection. In any case I’ll happy to go with it as it worked well for us last time.

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  9. How did I miss this post? I’m laughing so much.

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