E2 higher and higher

First of all, thank you so much for the support, help, information, success stories, wishes and distraction (including information on possible zombie invasions). I’m so happy to have you guys!

I went to see the gynecologist today and asked him about egg quality and high estradiol. He confirmed that normally egg quality goes down with high E2 but also said that we can still get some good eggs especially since there will be many. We will not be coasting, as he says that only makes sense if we wanted to do a transfer but we will freeze everything (if there is anything to freeze).

I did ask him why he put me on such high doses. Initially he said 150 Gonal-F is not really high and that some women are in much higher doses (sure but I did say I thought it was high for me!). But on the way out he said he would put me on lower doses if he could go back now. I appreciated the honesty. I am not too upset at him. All doctors are the same. Each time I change, the new doctor thinks he/she knows better and gets me started on high doses. Each time it goes wrong. It’s my fault for changing or not insisting more on lower doses.

Anyways, I have about 20 follicles and my E2 levels more than doubled up from yesterday (now 9500). Lisette had sent this article yesterday, which said that it’s the ratio of E2 to N. of follies that counts. I found it reassuring yesterday but not so much today, as even the ratio is out of the range now. I will see the gynecologist tomorrow: it’s a holiday here but he’s going to come to see me anyway (good doc!). If it doesn’t get cancelled, egg retrieval will be on Saturday. He will decide whether we go ahead with it tomorrow.

I was so scared of this happening but now that it has happened I am just going with the flow (for now). I’m trying to stay relaxed as there is nothing that I can do. I hope you appreciate my highly intellectual quotes.

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28 Responses to E2 higher and higher

  1. Am keeping everything crossed for you lovely xxx

  2. My Journey says:

    I understand your fears. With my retrieval Friday morning I’m freaking out that I don’t have enough follicles. It’s always something, right? Good luck!

  3. Great ! You’ve got answer. Just relax now. Fingers are crossed here !

  4. We’re on a scientific roller coaster. All we can do is hold on tight, scream and laugh some. Even if it’s damn expensive, emotionally draining and physically demanding. Huge hug – will be praying loads for good eggs to grow strong and here if you need ❤ x

  5. redbluebird says:

    The more IVF blogs I read, the more I think people should just write their own protocol and have the doctor follow it. I hope this all turns out well, I know it must be stressful. Thinking of you & hoping for the best!

    • kiftsgate says:

      Well maybe not write oir own protocols as I wouldn’t have known where to start from. But at least listen to us and llok at what happened in previous cycles with other doctors.. thanks for the support! xx

  6. try not to worry, my E2 got to 15,000 with 19 follicles, we got 13 eggs, 10 mature, 9 fertilised, 8 to day 3, 4 to day 5 and freeze and 1 day three transfered.

    good luck xxx

  7. You gynecologist looks involved and a little bit concerned, so I guess you should trust him now. And you will probably get some “good” eggs among them, even if the ratio is not that good (who cares bout the ratio then !!!). Fingers crossed here as well !! Good luck!

  8. ivfbegins says:

    Wishing you luck! xx

  9. jesselyn6585 says:

    Sending you lots of baby dust!!!!

  10. Caroline says:

    Thinking about you!

  11. Lisette says:

    Holding your hand and hoping hard sweetness xxx

  12. E v e l y n says:

    I haven’t been connected lately and I’m sorry to hear this cycle has been stressful. I hope you have the retrieval on Saturday. I’m sure it will be a physical relief to have your ovaries drained.

    I’m not sure why the doctors don’t review charts from other clinics better. The clinic I did my retrievals with had pretty easy to read and concise cycle sheets. I know they are busy but I think it would be great knowing how a patient responded to previous treatments and drugs.

    You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow and I’ll be hoping for the best for you.

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