I left you last time with us having 16 eggs injected with ICSI. Of those only 6 have fertilised. Six is great, though after going from 26 to 16 and then to 6 I was fearing tragic news on the embryo developments. After long hours of waiting, I started obsessively calling the lab until someone picked up (yes, IVF turns me into a psycho, whatever..). The good news is that we have frosties: the lab froze three 4-cell embies (which is good for day 2) as well as three 2-cell ones (not so good but never know).

The destiny of these frosties will be decided by the results of the egg biopsy. The biopsy was meant to be done right after egg collection but, since EC was done over a week-end, the cells were sent a couple of days later (not too chuffed about this..). The results will determine which of the frosties, if any, it is worth transferring. As much as I’m still terrified to end up with none, I am happy that if we do transfer any of them, it will only be because they have a decent chance. Please Universe, let there be at least one good one!!!

I know I am hormonal, stressed and not feeling great but I’ve been feeling a bit upset that not a single one of my friends (the ones who live near me) called or texted to see how I was doing. I used to believe that “what goes around comes around”, but I don’t anymore. I have been there during lots of stuff, even when it wasn’t easy for me. I know it’s hard to be around someone who is struggling and I know that people are getting tired after years of this but still…

So, when I saw this, I thought of you guys. This video (*) shows that we miss out on opportunities as we spend a lot more time looking at screens than talking to people in person.

Truth is, the last few days would have been impossible without spending time online and without you guys (especially Fertility Doll who somehow managed to get me out of a lethargic state of panic -thanks lady, you’re wonderful!). So, I won’t follow the advice of this video, or maybe I will but just looking out for chances to meet more of you in person and seeing more of the ones I already know 🙂

Thank you for keeping that cell phone/computer on!

(*) warning: the video is nice but there’s an annoying pregnancy cliche’.

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30 Responses to Frosties

  1. Excited for you to “cross the finish line”–cheering for you and the embies! XO

  2. So pleased your little embies have made it so far- not long to go now! when do you find out?
    I’m not surprised you’re upset with your friends – mine have been rather quiet too tbh…ho hum, at least I’ve got you lot, how would I manage without you? xx

    • kiftsgate says:

      thanks! i just hope there will be at least one that survives the biopsy.. i should know in a few days. hopefully.. we do have each other! I’m a bit far but really rooting for you!!! xx

  3. My Journey says:

    I was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be to get a bunch of us together in person to meet sometime 🙂

  4. Lulu says:

    I cried at “the time you want to start a family…”… 3’03”
    Really hope that your little winners will survive the biopsy…

  5. allison2206 says:

    I hope you’ll have good news in a few days! I understand, I’m pretty disappointed with my friends also since the beginning of our infertility journey. But luckily there are the bloggers and we really must organize our photo session!

  6. Lisette says:

    Yay embies! I am crossing everything for them hun! I would be just as upset by your friends as you are, and I have been. Nobody gets it really do they?! So many hugs, we are here for you xxx

  7. Awwww shucks. You’ve kept me sane too, I owe you a thank you. Bring on the next 24 hours because after then hopefully you get results and can move forward. Just one more day of distractions!

  8. Bounty Caramel says:

    A lot of Hope for you !
    Still and still, more and more.

  9. barrenbetty says:

    The majority of my friends are really quite rubbish with my IVF cycles and IF. They seem to think “oh dear, this is awkward. I’m glad I’m not her. I don’t know what to say. I know, I’ll pretend it’s not happening and just ignore her. Yep, that’ll do.”

    I’m thinking of you and your embies lots today. I really, really hope you get some great news xxx

    • kiftsgate says:

      Awesome description of what friends think. I find it’s either that or very strong opinions and (silly) solutions to infertility…
      Thanks for the thoughts. Looks like they helped! I still don’t know how may embies there are but I’m super happy we can go ahead with the transfer!
      Thanks so much!! xx

  10. Caroline says:

    Hoping with you!!!!

  11. I’m rooting for you and your embies! xxx

  12. Dani says:

    Hang in there, ❤ .



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