A bit of a scare

This morning, like every day, I got on the train, did not find a seat, tried to make sure no one would push me or hit my tummy, got off the train, got on the bus and then headed for a last few minutes walk to work. Except that after getting off the bus I had cramps so bad that I could hardly walk.

As I got to work I went to the ladies’  and realized I was bleeding. Not spotting. Proper red bleeding. I started sobbing and could only tell myself “it’s over”. I have seen this happen so many times through blogs and twitter and yet it was impossible to stay calm. I was so scared I was shaking…

I called my gynecologist but he didn’t answer. I also asked for help on twitter but the main answer was to go to an Emergency Pregnancy Unit (EPU). The problem is that I don’t even know where the EPU or emergencies are in the Paris area, nor whether here it works like in my country where you have to wait for hours and fill in tons of paperwork before you get to see a doctor.

Finally, I managed to get hold of the gynecologist who told me to go see him. He was so nice and it calmed me down immensely to see him. I got a scan done and everything was fine: I saw a sack and a yolk and a heartbeat. Such a relief!

I have to take some extra progesterone, stop baby aspirin, rest and stay off work for a week, which is great especially as it means I can skip the commute. I’ll go back in a week for a check and another scan.

I think this is my punishment for having spent the last few days stressing and wondering how to get an early scan. I guess I had what I wanted somehow but I would have much preferred to skip the bleeding and the worrying..

When I told my husband that all was well he texted “YEEEES!!! Big hug to you both!”. I found it so touching, that he thinks of “us both”. It made me realize that right now, and hopefully for quite a while still, I am two.

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44 Responses to A bit of a scare

  1. Elizabeth says:

    How terrifying. So glad you were seen and all looks good!

  2. So happy that everything looks good!!

  3. barrenbetty says:

    Even though I already knew it was all okay I felt stressed reading it written down!! I’m glad you’ve got a week of rest now. You need to looking after your precious cargo 🙂 I hear embryos like spending the day in bed reading and watching films. They also like being cooked for and for someone else to do the cleaning. Oh, and they like cake too x

    • kiftsgate says:

      Oooohhhh cake!! yes!! I got the “food instructions” today. Lots of stuff I can not eat like fois gras (YEEES!!!!! I hate fois gras) but no restrictions on cake! 😀
      Thanks again for this morning!! xx

      • barrenbetty says:

        I love pâté, but I’m not that fussed by fois gras. I’d be SO SAD giving up nice cheese like Brie though, but you don’t care about that either do you? What do you eat?! I heard babies like hot chocolates too FYI x

  4. Isabelle says:

    Oh boy that sounds so scary. I would’ve freaked! So glad that everything checked out fine and the scan looked great! Have a great time taking a break. That was a very sweet text from you hubs. Yes you are two now!

  5. Omg my heart stopped–that is so scary! Thank heavens you and little one are ok. Get lots of rest! XOXO

  6. damelapin says:

    oh f*ck! With some rest, it should be ok xxx

  7. ana says:

    hopefully you will never need it –
    but for info – the urgences just need your ID; and there is hardly any paperwork to do beforehand.
    hopital pitié-salpitiere , next to gare d’austerlitz in the 5th, have an urgences maternité, and they are very very kind and thorough there – and the waiting time is normally less than 3 hours.

    but woo hoo heartbeat! hope the rest gives you some time to relax. best of luck with it all.

  8. Terrifying… And so utterly glad everything is ok!

  9. Smile says:

    Oh so glad to hear that you saw a heartbeat!! From what they tell me that is a wonderful sign. I think you should rest up and order the husband around a bit :).

    • kiftsgate says:

      The husband is leaving for the weekend, feeling slightly guilty but he’s got a bad cold so I’m not too upset hes off. My mum is here and she’s waaaaaay more efficient at taking care of me and everything else! 😉

      • Smile says:

        Yes, go away cold and yay for Mum! Mums are the best at taking care of us as well as everything else. I loved being at my mom’s during bed rest and having her make me feel loved and rested. When is your next ultrasound? I know it was originally supposed to be today but I believe you said it was moved since you had the original one. Hoping that resting is helping and that you have continued good news!

  10. E v e l y n says:

    Scary. I’m glad everything was okay. Take it easy.

  11. tinadayo says:

    Oh dear, I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I know exactly how crushing it feels to see red blood at this stage as it happened to me as well. I cried in the toilet at my gyneocologist and was shaking badly. Didn’t help that the doctor greeted me with: what did you do??? Giving me the feeling that not only she thinks it’s over as well , but that it was my fault on top. I felt just horrible

    And then…there was the “ring” (Embie looked like a diamond ring at that stage) and it was flickering away – the heartbeat. Now this very Embie is our daughter lying next to me in bed 😉

    And lovely reaction from your husband – I loved it too when DH referred to me as “both” 🙂

    • kiftsgate says:

      Crazy that the doctor said what did you do! how on earth… ? At least everything ended well. 🙂

      • tinadayo says:

        I know, right? I mean I was clearly upset and close to tears, and shouldn’t she at least keep it together until she had can confirm something? Anyways, it did end well, and I’m wishing the same for you!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be spared any more bleeding scares!

  12. allison2206 says:

    I’m so afraid of that every single day! Super happy that you’re both fine and that you got to see the sac and hear the heartbeat! And I’ve never heard of EPU…

  13. All July I had bleeding. That’s just awful… I hope everything gonna be ok, stay at home, get some rest, and I really hope you can breath as soon as possible. Big kisses

  14. Hello dear, I am a bit late with my comment, but nearly the same thing happened to me in Paris… at work, big bleed, and I also went to an “urgence maternity” (which was not too complicated) where I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the very first time… it was so emotional as I was SURE that it was all over. I just wanted to say that you may have a slight placental detachment/hematoma (subchoironic bleeding). We didnt see mine until my second trip to the emergency room… If you bleed again, which I hope you do not, it could be that and try to tell yourself everything can still be just fine. These things typically heal themselves by the end of your first trimester. I was “arretee” for about a month and a half but everything seems to be good today. Feeling very confident for you!! Happy pregnant thoughts and hugs!!

    • kiftsgate says:

      Thanks for letting me know. An “arret” for one and a half month is really long. So far I’m glad I have a week! Thanks for the happy thoughts. Big hug. xx

  15. rebeccarich says:

    A HEARTBEAT!! That is amazing. But oh, the bleeding must have been terrifying. Could they see where the blood was coming from?

  16. Have been thinking of you lots sweetie, and sorry you had a scare but so pleased it is all ok! Will you still have a scan tomorrow or do you have to wait for longer now? xx

  17. Dani says:

    Thrilled to hear you both are fine!!

    With blessings of heart and health,

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