One excellent week!

Yey, it’s finally the weekend!! This has been a very good week, but I’m still happy I get to enjoy my two days off work and commuting!

I had my NT scan yesterday and all is well! Yey!! The doctor scared me when she started the scan saying “that position is bad” and “it doesn’t move” without further explanation. Not quite the same psychological approach as my IVF doctor repeating ten times “tout va bien“. Anyhow, we had a second scan after I had a walk, tried to relax and had a scrumptious slice of carrot cake. At the second scan there was a lot of movement (what a relief!!). All measurements are ok and everything is well!

But other great things happened this week. I had my first public presentation in French, which I had been stressing about for about a month. It went well. It was about the impacts of air pollution on health so I talked about a bunch of things, including fertility. After I presented I had a long discussion some people and one of them asked me if I knew about “PMA” (stands for Assisted Medical Procreation in French). Ahaahah the guy had no idea whom he was talking to….

This week I also finished the last Outlander book. I started the first book before the FET and the books have been accompanying me through a lot! They’ve been an excellent distraction. My sister is seriously convinced that I got pregnant thanks to these books, which – of course – she told me to read! Anyhow I got to the end of the last book and really liked it. I do feel a bit lost on what to read now but I’m sure I’ll find something..

Hope you all have a nice week-end!

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18 Responses to One excellent week!

  1. Smile says:

    YAAYY!!! So glad to see that the NT scan went well, have been thinking about you since your email. And congrats on the big presentation and becoming a more ‘public’ expert on fertility!

  2. Excellent news! Congratulations on your successful NT scan and your presentation! XOXO

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like all is sailing along. I bet getting past the NT scan was a huge relief.

  4. allison2206 says:

    What a great week! Bravo for your presentation, it’s always super tough, even more when it’s not your native language and of course, super happy that everything is going well ❤

  5. Yay for that carrot cake! Jessica x

  6. I’m so happy to hear your little sweet pea is healthy and growing and that your presentation went well! Two big steps in a really positive direction! I’ve been thinking about you and meaning to send you a wee text. xoxo

  7. Caroline says:

    Great news! Props to you for your presentation! Whew, glad that is over too! Hope you have a great weekend

  8. E v e l y n says:

    That does sound like a great week.

    I think you’re having a girl because all I could think about when you mentioned carrot cake was “the girl likes carrot cake”. Who could blame her really.

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