Six months of furry love

It’s just over six months since we welcomed our little kitty in our lives. It’s been the best decision ever. It’s always been easy: she’s completely nuts and for the first few months we hardly managed to get any sleep.. but she’s wonderful and a lot of fun!

Life isn’t the same anymore though. She loves to stand in front of the TV, especially when football is on, which I find really funny but my husband not so much.. In the mornings and evenings she loves to go into the sink or shower, slightly complicating showering or brushing teeth. And she loves to climb on anything she can, bite and eat all she finds and sneak into all open bags or boxes. I also found out that there is nothing like an afternoon nap with my little ball of fur.

I wanted to share a few pictures since you were there for her arrival 😀

Hope everyone is having a nice week-end!

IMG_20140618_184339 IMG_20140629_131329 IMG_20140830_002610 IMG_20140907_124551 IMG_20140907_132307 IMG_20140910_195957

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13 Responses to Six months of furry love

  1. barrenbetty says:

    Love love love the pictures! She’s so so cute!! I love the one of her in the sink. She’s sooo small! What a cute kitty xxx

  2. E v e l y n says:

    She’s really sweet. She still looks quite small.

    I’ve learned with my niece’s dog what a great companion a pet can be. They really are so full of love.

  3. That is one cute kitty! Adorable and beautiful. Jessica x

  4. She looks like so much fun. I love her watching soccer and attacking your laundry! We have a cat and it is just so nice to have them at home.

  5. Soooo cute! One of our cats is very similar it seems. She absolutely adores the bathroom (sink and shower mostly), it certainly does make thing trickier but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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