– TTC since 2010
– Me: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and complete absence of periods; Hubby: severe teratospermia
– 3 years of trying with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other fun techniques
– 1 failed IUI, 4 failed and 2 cancelled fresh IVF cycles, 4 failed frozen cycles, 2 chemical pregnancies
– BFP October 2014
– approved for adoption



  • Pre TTC check up, then start TTC.


  • Mar-Jun: clomid+duphaston
  • Oct-Dec: appointment with a gynecologist expert in infertility issues; lots of medical tests.


  • Jan: the verdict: PCOS. Plan for IUI and file for adoption.
  • Feb: the IUI becomes our IVF#1 but no embryos to transfer. Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • Mar: IUI, BFN. More tests for hubby show severe teratospermia (1% normal-shapes).
  • Jul-Aug: ICSI (IVF #2), one morula transferred on day 5, severe OHSS, BFN.
  • Sep-Nov: first adoption meetings (social assistant and psychologist). We are asked to take a long break to think through IVF and adoption.


  • Jan-Feb: we consult an urologist, change gynecologist, re-do lots of tests.
  • Mar: start treatments but cancel IVF because of LH peak.
  • Apr-May: ICSI (IVF #3), 9 eggs retrieved, 6 mature and injected, 5 fertilised, 2 embryos transferred at day 2; 2 frozen at day 3. BFN.
  • Jul: adoption meeting with social assistant.
  • Sep: FET of 2 3-day embryos. Chemical pregnancy.
  • Oct-Dec: Lots of tests (endometrial function biopsy, insulin and hypoglycemia tests…); lots of adoption meetings (2 with social assistant, 2 with child psychiatrist and 3 with psychologist).


  • Jan: last meeting with the social assistant for adoption; NK cell biopsy shows my uterus is perfect. Gynecologist seems lost so seek second opinion.
  • Feb:  receive a positive adoption report and our case is analysed by commission.
  • Mar: final positive response on adoption: now on domestic waiting list and applying to international agencies. More tests for hubby show better results thanks to improved lifestyle. Chose new doctor but IVF #4 cancelled due to low iron and vitamin D.
  • Apr-May: ICSI (IVF #4) with egg biopsy. Very high E2, slight OHSS. 23 eggs collected, 16 injected, 8 fertilised and frozen: 6 day2 and 2 blastocysts. Negative answers from the adoption agencies.
  • Jun: FET of 2 day2 embryos, BFN.
  • Jul: FET of 2 day2 embryos, BFN.
  • Sep: FET of one day6 blastocyst. The other embryos didn’t survive thawing/culture.
  • Oct: BFP.


  • Jun: our little miracle baby finally arrived! 😀

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