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PUPO with a wee lazy blast!

Title says it all… I had one day-6 blastocyst transferred this morning. It’s the first time I have a blastocyst transferred – even if it’s a lazy one – so that’s exciting. The gynecologist said we have around 30% chances … Continue reading

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IVF # 4, here we go!

I finally got confirmation that I can go ahead with my 4th fresh IVF cycle. I’m so excited!!! My excitement is like a normal IVF excitement to the power of all the months I’ve been waiting, multiplied by the amount of … Continue reading

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Two embies transferred!

I have good news today! We had had two frozen embies from the last IVF cycle: one good and one not-so-good. Luckily they survived the thawing process and the nurse told us they were both looking good. So I had … Continue reading

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The power of the mind….?

In the last few months I’ve had a little problem: I often find myself short of breath. It’s as if the air got blocked at the height of my breastbone and couldn’t get down. When this happen, instead of staying … Continue reading

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Aahhhhhhh the joys of acupuncture!

Until a few months ago, I would have never believed it if someone had told me I would start to love having someone stick needles on me. And yet, there is nothing better to a bad day/week. I like my … Continue reading

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