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What about adoption?

One of the first questions I was asked after telling people about the positive pregnancy test was about adoption: what about adoption? will you give up adoption then? Will you still adopt? You should change your twitter profile: it still … Continue reading

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Adoption meet up

I haven’t been talking much about adoption lately. Not that it hasn’t been on our minds, but since getting a long list of rejections from adoption agencies we’ve been feeling stuck and really down about the whole thing. We still … Continue reading

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A Heart’s Desire

A Heart’s Desire (Chronique d’un désir d’enfant en douce France) by Judith Uyterlinde  is the first book I read about an infertility journey. I remember desperately looking for books with infertility stories. I just wanted a book that would tell me: … Continue reading

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Jessica’s fertility proust questionnaire

Last month Jessica Hepburn, the writer of the wonderful book “The Pursuit of Motherhood”, asked me whether I wanted to answer to her fertility Proust questionnaire. Of course I said yes! I love questionnaires! Thinking through the questions was fun. Though … Continue reading

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Whoever says “just adopt” has not read the statistics!

We have received the first response from one of the international adoption agencies. It says something like: we have attentively analysed your dossier, and, given the current situation of international adoption, we regret to inform you that we will not … Continue reading

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It takes three desires to make a baby

This week-end we went to a support group for aspiring adoptive parents organised by an adoption association. There were two psychologists and a few other couples. It was very nice to exchange with the other couples about various topics related to … Continue reading

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Applications to adoption agencies

I haven’t posted much about adoption lately. The main reason for it is that we have been stuck for about two months waiting for the adoption services to send us a corrected of the psychological assessment. We finally received them … Continue reading

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Final answer from the adoption services: we can adopt!

As you have already understood from the title (or heard on twitter), we finally received the papers from the adoption services. We now have documents that say we are allowed to adopt! Yuppy! We can pursue both domestic and international adoption … Continue reading

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For a moment I forgot

I just came back from a lovely work trip. I was sent to the same city and company where I had worked on an internship 11 years ago. 11 years… just typing that makes me feel old! I loved that … Continue reading

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My mailbox and I: adoption report has arrived!

Since the last meeting for the adoption procedure, I have been running to our mail box every evening coming home from work. It almost felt like being a little girl waiting for a birthday present to arrive: “Is it there … Continue reading

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