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What about adoption?

One of the first questions I was asked after telling people about the positive pregnancy test was about adoption: what about adoption? will you give up adoption then? Will you still adopt? You should change your twitter profile: it still … Continue reading

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Adoption meet up

I haven’t been talking much about adoption lately. Not that it hasn’t been on our minds, but since getting a long list of rejections from adoption agencies we’ve been feeling stuck and really down about the whole thing. We still … Continue reading

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A Heart’s Desire

A Heart’s Desire (Chronique d’un désir d’enfant en douce France) by Judith Uyterlinde  is the first book I read about an infertility journey. I remember desperately looking for books with infertility stories. I just wanted a book that would tell me: … Continue reading

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Jessica’s fertility proust questionnaire

Last month Jessica Hepburn, the writer of the wonderful book “The Pursuit of Motherhood”, asked me whether I wanted to answer to her fertility Proust questionnaire. Of course I said yes! I love questionnaires! Thinking through the questions was fun. Though … Continue reading

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Whoever says “just adopt” has not read the statistics!

We have received the first response from one of the international adoption agencies. It says something like: we have attentively analysed your dossier, and, given the current situation of international adoption, we regret to inform you that we will not … Continue reading

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It takes three desires to make a baby

This week-end we went to a support group for aspiring adoptive parents organised by an adoption association. There were two psychologists and a few other couples. It was very nice to exchange with the other couples about various topics related to … Continue reading

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Applications to adoption agencies

I haven’t posted much about adoption lately. The main reason for it is that we have been stuck for about two months waiting for the adoption services to send us a corrected of the psychological assessment. We finally received them … Continue reading

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