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It takes three desires to make a baby

This week-end we went to a support group for aspiring adoptive parents organised by an adoption association. There were two psychologists and a few other couples. It was very nice to exchange with the other couples about various topics related to … Continue reading

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Last meeting with our favourite adoption lady

Yesterday we had the second and last meeting with the pedopsychiatrist for the adoption process. This time we had individual meetings. My husband went in first and updated her on our progress with international adoption and our recent meeting with … Continue reading

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Tell the boss about infertility?

I don’t often travel at work but of course yesterday my boss asked me to go to Copenhagen in mid-April, just the week after the estimated IVF date. I love Copenhagen and this is for a really interesting workshop but … Continue reading

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Marriage doesn’t count

Today I went to a really nice conference: interesting people, good atmosphere, etc. I was with a girlfriend and an ex colleague and he started saying that getting married didn’t mean anything, and that what really matters is having children together. … Continue reading

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