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I had a scan this morning and all is well! Thank you Universe, unicorns and anything/anyone else that helped getting us this far!! Thank you! (Also, please continue..). It was my last scan with our IVF doctor. I have been … Continue reading

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IVF # 4, here we go!

I finally got confirmation that I can go ahead with my 4th fresh IVF cycle. I’m so excited!!! My excitement is like a normal IVF excitement to the power of all the months I’ve been waiting, multiplied by the amount of … Continue reading

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WTF appointment #2 of 2013

This morning I went for the routine post-failure appointment with the gynecologist. Hubby came along since he wanted to hear explanations on what went wrong. I wish he got used to the standard 15-30 minutes delay because complaining about it … Continue reading

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Two embies transferred!

I have good news today! We had had two frozen embies from the last IVF cycle: one good and one not-so-good. Luckily they survived the thawing process and the nurse told us they were both looking good. So I had … Continue reading

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Laughing at infertility

There are phases in an infertility journey when it is impossible to laugh. At least personally I have had a few of those. But then, like for any other problem, it is much better when you can actually laugh about … Continue reading

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Failed IVF WTF appointment

Pardon my French, but I recently saw this expression in another blog and found it perfect for describing the first doctor’s appointment after a failed IVF cycle. I have actually calmed down enough to avoid entering the gynecologist’s office asking … Continue reading

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First monitoring

I started treatments on Thursday and had my first check up today. Everything looks alright this time, so for now we can go ahead with treatments. I have much lower doses so I am not in pain like last month. … Continue reading

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