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What about adoption?

One of the first questions I was asked after telling people about the positive pregnancy test was about adoption: what about adoption? will you give up adoption then? Will you still adopt? You should change your twitter profile: it still … Continue reading

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For ten minutes

A few weeks ago I read a wonderful book I want to tell you about. Its called “For ten minutes” by Chiara Gambareale (unfortunately I don’t think it’s been translated to other languages). But it doesn’t matter because it’s the … Continue reading

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Why (Infertile) Generation Y Yuppies Are (Super) Unhappy

Today I thought I would give you a break from me panicking and share with you an article about our generation and some of my thoughts about it. The article I’m referring to is “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” and … Continue reading

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Before I die…

I was looking at online news today and found a short article showing a cool initiative in London: a big black board in an abandoned building where you can add your wishes finishing the sentence Before I die I want … Continue reading

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When I’m 30 I….

When I was younger, I thought that by the time I reached my 30ies I would speak perfect English, have a great job, live abroad, own a pretty flat with lots of plants, have a cat, a very cute bicycle, have met the man of my life … Continue reading

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