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My BFN and I are off to Japan

I was supposed to test tomorrow but since I’m catching a flight to Japan tonight I decided it would be safer to get at least an idea of whether I should pack tampons or drugs. My beta was 1. I … Continue reading

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Failed IVF WTF appointment

Pardon my French, but I recently saw this expression in another blog and found it perfect for describing the first doctor’s appointment after a failed IVF cycle. I have actually calmed down enough to avoid entering the gynecologist’s office asking … Continue reading

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What comes after a failed IVF cycle

STRESS After reading the Beta results and calling the doctor to ensure I had well understood that it was negative, I could actually not do much. I couldn’t think nor talk for a little while. But it didn’t last long. … Continue reading

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Bring on ice cream and white wine

Negative. I feel rather pathetic to be honest. I feel pathetic for things I felt which I thought were a good sign. I kinda feel it may all have been in my head.. I feel pathetic for being so predictable … Continue reading

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(IVF) friends

I don’t have many IVF friends. In fact, I only have one IVF friend really. She’s a lovely girl and has a really nice husband. They are both Italian and we met at an IVF information session organised by the … Continue reading

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