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I left you last time with us having 16 eggs injected with ICSI. Of those only 6 have fertilised. Six is great, though after going from 26 to 16 and then to 6 I was fearing tragic news on the … Continue reading

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IVF bubble

Ladies and gentlemen… I have finally started stimming for IVF#4!! Yuppy!! I’m also 5 days into treatments and have not had to cancel the cycle (yet?). Yey!! Everything is ok so far but it has not been easy (when is … Continue reading

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Little pleasures

Sometimes in my struggles through infertility and childlessness I forget about the all little pleasures life offers. I’ll follow Little Wife‘s lead and give you my list of little pleasures. Dancing around in my knickers while getting ready for work in … Continue reading

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I’m infertile and it is my fault!

I have been feeling rather down lately. I haven’t quite managed to understand why just yet. Among other things, I think one of the reasons is that there have been many news of IVF working at the first shot lately. … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and baby complaints (not mine, of course..)

When I started TTC, I only had one friend who had a baby. Now I only have a few left who do not have babies. So, I’ve had time to go through lots of friend’s pregnancies and baby arrivals. Which … Continue reading

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IVF makes some friends disappear

When I started IVF I talked to most of my friends about it. I suck at hiding things. My friend’s support got me through IVF #1. They shared my excitement, my fears, listened to me, supported me… But IVF didn’t … Continue reading

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When IVF doesn’t work

One of my dearest friends sent me this article a few days ago: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24725655. The article talks about the people for which IVF didn’t work, which is quite rare since normally you only hear success stories. No surprise there, the … Continue reading

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