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Finding something that makes you happy through infertility

One thing that I find helps a lot during infertility is to do things that make us feel well. There is no strict rule and everyone finds different activities. Some people who go for physical activities (tap dancing, tango, zumba, running, … Continue reading

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Nice surprise from my body

About a year and a half ago I did a glucose and insulin test to help decide if I should follow some particular diet that could help IVF or take metformin. The endocrinologist said I did not have diabetes but that … Continue reading

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Telling the outside world

As we recently passed the 12 week cap and reached the end of the first trimester, we started breaking the news to friends, family and colleagues. Everyone has been really enthusiastic. My colleague who had her baby at 42 after 6 IVF rounds even … Continue reading

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One excellent week!

Yey, it’s finally the weekend!! This has been a very good week, but I’m still happy I get to enjoy my two days off work and commuting! I had my NT scan yesterday and all is well! Yey!! The doctor scared … Continue reading

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PUPO with a wee lazy blast!

Title says it all… I had one day-6 blastocyst transferred this morning. It’s the first time I have a blastocyst transferred – even if it’s a lazy one – so that’s exciting. The gynecologist said we have around 30% chances … Continue reading

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Outlander or how I lost my mind for a fictional character

It’s time to confess. I have been cheating on you, guys. But only a little bit.. Most of my long commute time, which I usually devote to blogs/twitter, has recently gone into the world of Outlander. I feel excused in this … Continue reading

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A Heart’s Desire

A Heart’s Desire (Chronique d’un désir d’enfant en douce France) by Judith Uyterlinde  is the first book I read about an infertility journey. I remember desperately looking for books with infertility stories. I just wanted a book that would tell me: … Continue reading

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