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It takes three desires to make a baby

This week-end we went to a support group for aspiring adoptive parents organised by an adoption association. There were two psychologists and a few other couples. It was very nice to exchange with the other couples about various topics related to … Continue reading

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Little pleasures

Sometimes in my struggles through infertility and childlessness I forget about the all little pleasures life offers. I’ll follow Little Wife‘s lead and give you my list of little pleasures. Dancing around in my knickers while getting ready for work in … Continue reading

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For a moment I forgot

I just came back from a lovely work trip. I was sent to the same city and company where I had worked on an internship 11 years ago. 11 years… just typing that makes me feel old! I loved that … Continue reading

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…because life is really too short to be insignificant

“I have forgiven mistakes that were indeed almost unforgivable. I’ve tried to replace people who were irreplaceable and tried to forget those who were unforgettable. I’ve acted on impulse, have been disappointed by people when I thought that this could … Continue reading

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Before I die…

I was looking at online news today and found a short article showing a cool initiative in London: a big black board in an abandoned building where you can add your wishes finishing the sentence Before I die I want … Continue reading

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My turn with individual meeting for adoption

Yesterday I had my individual meeting with the social assistant. My husband lad it last week and I think he did much better than I did. Here is a list of the main questions I got: My childhood and my family. … Continue reading

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Learning humility through infertility

Before starting to try for having a baby I was a typical person with hopes and preferences on the future babies. Had you asked me then, I would have wished for a baby girl, born preferably in January or February … Continue reading

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