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I’m infertile and it is my fault!

I have been feeling rather down lately. I haven’t quite managed to understand why just yet. Among other things, I think one of the reasons is that there have been many news of IVF working at the first shot lately. … Continue reading

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The incredible complications of an infertile’s mind

I finally got the results from all the fancy tests I’ve been doing in the past months. For what regards my metabolism (diabetes, insulin and glycaemia) all is good. I could try to get some metformin to avoid the risk of … Continue reading

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Is my body trying to tell me something??

There are moments in which I feel really good in my body. Like I wake up and feel ready to start the day with energy and enthusiasm. Let’s be honest these moments are rare. And lately is has certainly been … Continue reading

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New endocrinologist

A couple of months ago I called this new endocrinologist to ask for an appointment.  The first date available was at the end of January. Luckily someone cancelled so I went yesterday! She is really nice and explained things very … Continue reading

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PCOS awareness month

Thanks to the various bloggers that reminded me that September is PCOS awareness month. Since I have PCOS, I’d like to write a post on it, even though I’m not a doctor nor an expert. What is PCOS? The Polycystic … Continue reading

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