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For ten minutes

A few weeks ago I read a wonderful book I want to tell you about. Its called “For ten minutes” by Chiara Gambareale (unfortunately I don’t think it’s been translated to other languages). But it doesn’t matter because it’s the … Continue reading

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It takes three desires to make a baby

This week-end we went to a support group for aspiring adoptive parents organised by an adoption association. There were two psychologists and a few other couples. It was very nice to exchange with the other couples about various topics related to … Continue reading

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It takes a long time to recover from failed IVF…

One of the hardest things of IVF is how long it takes to recover from it when it doesn’t work. IVF per se is painful but actually exciting: you feel like you’re finally doing something and have some hope to … Continue reading

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I had two embryos transferred today. Yey! Apparently one was of very good quality and the other a bit less good. We decided to transfer two, despite the nurse being really concerned about the possibility of us getting pregnant with … Continue reading

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First meeting with the psychologist for adoption

Yesterday we had our second meeting of the adoption procedure (second of about 10), which was also our first with the psychologist. She’s a really young and nice girl and it was easy to talk to her. At the same … Continue reading

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First meeting with the social assistant for adoption

Early this year we also filed for adoption. Lots of paperwork, depressing reunions in which a lovely lady explains how we are going to struggle, and wait and how most of us won’t actually get a child because there are waaaay too … Continue reading

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Did we know it was going to be hard…?

When did I start worrying about having problems conceiving? Lately I have been giving it some thought and I realize it’s been a really long time. Since I was in high school, I had problems with my period and I … Continue reading

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