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Yet another heartbreak

The beta was 1, which means there wasn’t even a tiny bit of sticking. My uterus is basically a cemetery for embryos. I really did everything I could to make this cycle work. I feel like I have been on … Continue reading

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My grandpa passed away on Friday. He was our favourite of our grandparents. He lived an incredible life, so far from our life nowadays. He was born and raised in a tiny village in the middle of the mountains. The … Continue reading

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WTF appointment #2 of 2013

This morning I went for the routine post-failure appointment with the gynecologist. Hubby came along since he wanted to hear explanations on what went wrong. I wish he got used to the standard 15-30 minutes delay because complaining about it … Continue reading

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Bring on ice cream and white wine

Negative. I feel rather pathetic to be honest. I feel pathetic for things I felt which I thought were a good sign. I kinda feel it may all have been in my head.. I feel pathetic for being so predictable … Continue reading

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How to deal with pregnancy announcements

Recently, in a comment to a post I’ve been asked how I react to pregnancy announcements. This is a tough one because I feel every time it was a rather different experience. I’ve read lots of other bloggers describing their … Continue reading

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