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Infertility coming out at work (part 2)

I had my frozen transfer earlier this week: two day-2 embies transferred with no issues. Since the transfer I have been feeling very tired, stressed and emotional. I feel nauseous (due either to the patches or progesterone) and have nightmares … Continue reading

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Unexpected meltdown

Sometimes it’s small things that cause a meltdown. When something big happens we find strength and pull ourselves together. But at times a tiny thing makes all this strength vanish. I have been working so hard at getting everything set … Continue reading

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IVF makes some friends disappear

When I started IVF I talked to most of my friends about it. I suck at hiding things. My friend’s support got me through IVF #1. They shared my excitement, my fears, listened to me, supported me… But IVF didn’t … Continue reading

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My trip to Japan

This short trip to Japan was fantastic, a lot better than I expected. I did not have much time to visit, but it was just enough to feel like I want to go back and discover more. The Japanese people … Continue reading

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Proud wife

I know I often complain about my hubby so I think he really deserves a post to underline how great he can be. Mr Hubby had loads of fun last week-end catching up with his friends, partying, chatting, drinking and … Continue reading

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