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Jessica’s fertility proust questionnaire

Last month Jessica Hepburn, the writer of the wonderful book “The Pursuit of Motherhood”, asked me whether I wanted to answer to her fertility Proust questionnaire. Of course I said yes! I love questionnaires! Thinking through the questions was fun. Though … Continue reading

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For a moment I forgot

I just came back from a lovely work trip. I was sent to the same city and company where I had worked on an internship 11 years ago. 11 years… just typing that makes me feel old! I loved that … Continue reading

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Trying to be positive

Alright, admittedly I’ve been throwing pity parties long enough. I think it’s time I (try to) stop. Some of the comments I got from my super depressive last post made me realize I really need to be more positive (thanks … Continue reading

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“Only” one more week of waiting

I’m five days into my TWW and so far it’s been going well. I’ve been behaving much better than the other times. I have done useful things to keep my mind elsewhere, like set up a new blog, email friends, … Continue reading

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