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PUPO with a wee lazy blast!

Title says it all… I had one day-6 blastocyst transferred this morning. It’s the first time I have a blastocyst transferred – even if it’s a lazy one – so that’s exciting. The gynecologist said we have around 30% chances … Continue reading

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Outlander or how I lost my mind for a fictional character

It’s time to confess. I have been cheating on you, guys. But only a little bit.. Most of my long commute time, which I usually devote to blogs/twitter, has recently gone into the world of Outlander. I feel excused in this … Continue reading

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My BFN and I are off to Japan

I was supposed to test tomorrow but since I’m catching a flight to Japan tonight I decided it would be safer to get at least an idea of whether I should pack tampons or drugs. My beta was 1. I … Continue reading

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Lost in beta hCG translation?

My last failed cycle left me seriously down. Nevertheless there is a unique advantage from a failed cycle: I get my period. This is a given for most people but not for me: I normally need to take meds for a … Continue reading

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Two embies on board!

Voila’, transfer done. We had two day-2 embryos transferred. They were the ones that got the highest scores from the egg biopsy, but not the prettiest ones. One had 4 cells, the other 6. Not much left to do now. … Continue reading

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Finally the results of the egg biopsy!

Do you know the trick of putting eggs in a glass of water to check if they are good? If they float they are bad, if they go to the bottom they are good! I only discovered it recently… Well, … Continue reading

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So much a do about 2 days: d3 vs. d5 embryo transfer

For me the first IVF was somehow the easiest. I had full trust in high-tech baby making and was positive it would definitely work. Instead of asking myself questions, checking online, asking around, I just trusted the (idiot) doctor who … Continue reading

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