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Pumpkin carving competition: surprise prizes!!

By now everyone must be aware of the fantastic IF PUMPKIN CARVING COMPETITION organised by Barren Betty and Fertility Doll. If you are not, Barren Betty explains all about the idea on her blog, and Fertility Doll’s blog lists the current contenders. If … Continue reading

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Before I get to the core topic of this post (I know, hard to guess given the title…), a BIG THANK YOU for all the sweet and supportive messages to my last post. I feel a lot better after a … Continue reading

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Why can’t we always be on holidays?!?!

Some people get tired of being on holidays; changing hotels, not having properly ironed clothes and only having a certain number of outfits. I don’t. I love travelling! Of course, there is always pleasure in coming back home, sleeping in … Continue reading

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All my bags are packed: high hope for our holidays

I’m finally going on holidays! I’m so excited to have a break from everything: work, infertility treatments, doctors appointments, decision making… I hope it’ll be good. I hope we’ll have fun, get to relax and see beautiful places. I hope … Continue reading

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A really fun gay wedding

Finally a weekend (almost) free of infertility issues. We went to another wedding. This is a couple we know quite well: a guy who studied with my hubby and his partner. It was a very international and mixed crowd: actors, movie … Continue reading

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